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Catalog Entry Form

  • Part 1 - Personal Data

  • Please provide a mobile number.
  • Part 2 - Catalogue Content

    As every year, all official guests are given the opportunity to be included in the LoveLetter Convention catalog with an exclusive text addressed to their readers.

    Your exclusive text might be something along these lines:

    • Take your readers on a tour of your latest book’s setting.
    • Have your hero/heroine of your book describe their first kiss.
    • Write a Twitter/Facebook exchange between your book's hero and heroine
    • How to... date a dragon, marry a vampire, fight a zombie army...
    • 5 novels/movies that have influenced you as an author/a reader.
    • Let author A's hero/heroine interview Author B's hero/heroine.
    • Share a recipe related to your book.
    • Write an exclusive short story.
    • Reveal an exclusive additional scene from your latest book.

    Please note that your text should not exceed 2,500 characters in length (including spaces), but needs to be at least 1,800 characters long. And do remember the title and if needed a short intro/description.

  • If you don’t submit your text on time, we won’t be able to feature you in the convention catalog. We would regret that very much, as these exclusive texts are very popular with all the attendees.

    Part 3 - Program Information

    In preparation for the event we are looking for workshop proposals. We also need you to provide additional information so that we can put together the event’s program.

  • Please select all activities you're interested in:
  • All panel topics should be of interest to readers/fans. Please only name topics that you’d like to talk about yourself.
  • Please give the names of other authors/participants you would like to offer the panel with:
  • For the previous LLCs since 2016 we had several authors sign up as moderators for panels. The readers loved it. And the authors’ feedback was very positive. We’d like to offer the opportunity again for the upcoming event.

  • All workshops should be of interest to readers/fans.
  • Please describe your suggested workshop briefly.
  • Please give the names of other authors/participants you would like to offer the workshop with
  • Previous experience with workshops & panels/round tables (When? Where? What subject?):
  • Please specify which materials/devices you will need for your workshop:
  • Please specify which language(s) you can speak and understand well enough for panels/workshops/moderating:

    We will provide a venue and basic equipment for you. Any additional materials or devices you may need (computers, catering...) we are happy to organize for you, but you will have to bear the cost yourself.

    Part 4 - Advertising

    In preparation of our event we want to give you the opportunity to benefit from our advertising offers.
    There are a number of possibilities, before and during the LLC, to present your books to the attending guests. These advertising offers are eligible for all authors (independently from their publishers). If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact Ms. Grassmann (grassmann@misses-k.com) at you earliest convenience.

  • Part 5 - Extras

  • Will you come together with a family member, partner, or an assistant? This person is eligible for a reduced ticket (35 EUR).
  • Our evening event will be held on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019. Will you take part in it?
  • You won't come alone? If you are in company of a family member, partner, or assistant, you have to bear the additional cost of 35 EUR per extra person. Please state the invoice address in that case:
  • Please note that only completed forms can be passed on to us. We are very much looking forward to working with you!

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